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From The Desk of The President

State of The Organization
A monthly report from the Purr Project... to keep you informed: What's new, How well are we doing, who's been adopted, announcements, volunteer birthdays, etc


- We have added cool new cameras to the Purr Project room. Through these cameras, you can see our cats streaming live - at play and everyday while they're in our care. Click here to see the cats in action.



- Like most other small non profits in general and most animal based non profits specifically, we are still having a tough go of it financially. We especially have a difficult path because medical rehabilitation is expensive. We will be using a lot of this year to start making a big dent in our bill to Central by hosting a number of events this year - one almost every month. For friends, supporters, members of our community, and volunteers this is one of the best ways you can help us as we serve our cubs. It gets the community involved, helps spread the ideal of pet adoption and good ownership, and they're fun! Check out!


Adoptions/New Cats

- Princess has been adopted! yay!

- We will be getting two new kitties later in the week. They are previous cats of ours that were fostered because of ringworm. They have been tested and are ringworm free.



- We are still rebuilding our volunteer corps getting ready for the summer season so remember the volunteer bounty: $100 for each new volunteer that you recruit that stays with the organization for at least 3 months.

- Welcome our new administrative volunteer Marian Roy (, who is our new volunteer manager responsible for recruiting, training, and retention  of volunte



- Our next event is the Durham Pet Fair so come out and support us. Click here for more info.

- Our first volunteer meeting of the season is on May 17th at Central Hospital's conference room. Dinner will be served and this meeting is open to the public.


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