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The Best Volunteers Are Here

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Okay - so some of this post is going to get a tad hokey. I don’t mean for it to be but... alright I’ll explain: I’ve been called a control freak once or twice. That’s bulls@%#* but anyhoo... I just appreciate when things are done well and sometimes it’s better (and faster), to do things yourself right? That doesn’t mean that I want to do it but someone has to. The problem is though, that doing small things yourself means that there are big things that you can’t do like write grant proposals. But now after two years or so, we’re finally getting on with staffing up with good volunteers. No - we’re not taking just anybody. That makes it worse! But not only are we getting more volunteers but high quality volunteers. This is the best volunteer group that the organization has had since we’ve been in our new home (3 years)!

Keep it up my Purr Project family and thank you for working so hard for our cubs! If you try to leave, I’m not above locking you in the Purr Project room!

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